Colour Copyrights

Post-Its The colour canary yellow used on its famous Post-It Notes. Minions: Minion Yellow Pantone partnered with Universal Pictures to create a character-inspired colour for the Minions movie. Pantone also released the it for the “fashion, home and interior” line. Abici Italia: Green, Ruby Red, Turquoise and Mimosa Pantone partnered with Abici Italia, a bicycle manufacturer … Continue reading Colour Copyrights


Sustainable Packaging Product

DB Packaging The company is the Australian and New Zealand. Distributor of two types of environmentally sustainable packaging which are Aquapak and Free the seed. Pineapple-fibre "leather" Ananas Anam is a Phillipines-based company turning pineapple leaf fibres into an environmentally friendly leather alternative (woo hoo!).  DO MORE Every part of each ring is crafted with the highest standard of ethics … Continue reading Sustainable Packaging Product


What is a slogan? A slogan or can be known as a tagline is like a catchphrase that summarises up what the company or brand is all about. Slogans are usually short, punch, gets to the point and easy to remember. Brand and company use slogans for the same reason as they use logos and … Continue reading Slogans

Prank Advertising

Gun With History America has many issues surrounding their gun laws. To change people's mind on how dangerous guns are, a non-profit organisation States United to Prevent Gun Violence set up a fake used gun shop, in which "salespeople" explained to customers which people each gun had been used to kill. many changed their decisions about purchasing … Continue reading Prank Advertising


CRITICAL EVALUATION & SELF-REFLECTION ON CREATIVE PROJECT FLIPPED PROJECT Introduction: The purpose of reflecting on the project is to record the details of the process of the project and the outcome of it. It is important to undertake this step of reflecting on what was effective and what adjustments are needed so the future project … Continue reading CIU – CRITICAL EVALUATION & SELF-REFLECTION ON CREATIVE PROJECT